Guernsey Donkey - Large (Sitting)

Guernsey Donkey - Large (Sitting)

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Our largest Guernsey Donkey.

He is 18cm high when sitting and is Embroidered With Guernsey and Island Map on his side

Guernsey people are traditionally nicknamed donkeys or ânes, especially by Jersey people (who in turn are nicknamed crapauds - toads).

The traditional explanation for the donkey (âne in French and Guernésiais) is the steepness of St Peter Port streets that necessitated beasts of burden for transport (in contrast to the flat terrain of the rival capital of Saint Helier in Jersey), although it is also used in reference to Guernsey inhabitants' stubbornness who boast that they are "stubborn as a mule, with a kick like a horse!".

Though they are no longer needed Guernsey people are still proud to be called Donkeys.